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5 Things Your Partner Should Know About You By The Time You Get Engaged

Getting engaged is an exciting time in any couple’s life. My husband and I went from first date to engaged in just five weeks. Three weeks after that, we were married.

Even though my husband and I had a fast courtship and engagement, we knew the most important details about each other, which made us comfortable to move so quickly. Sure, I may have not known his favorite color, but I knew he saw life just like I did and that he wanted the same things out of it.

There are certain important things your partner should know before you get engaged to ensure the two of you are the best fit possible for each other. If you haven’t had these talks yet, and you’re planning on getting engaged soon, sit down and hash them out together before you start your forever. You’ll be glad you did when you have less to discuss (and potentially less to trip you up) down the road.

1. Whether Or Not You Want Kids

Whether or not to have kids is a pretty significant conversation in any couple’s life, because it will shape the entire trajectory of your relationship. I had my tubes tied in my 20s, because I felt that strongly about never wanting to have kids. Obviously, if my now-husband had wanted to have them, it would have been really unfair of me to wait until after our wedding to have that conversation.

Despite the fact that we got engaged within five weeks, that was still plenty of time for me to be upfront and honest about how I felt about kids. If it were the reverse, and I had really wanted kids, or a certain number of kids, or if I wanted to have them soon, it would have been fair (and necessary) to clue my husband into all of that as well.

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